A Universe in the making.

We only know what we know.

The history of the Universe and the arrow of time. Image credit: NASA / GSFC.

In the world of Smart Contracts, the arrow of time moves in one direction. We can observe history from our current standpoint, but we cannot foretell the future. There are an infinite number of outcomes in the short and long term of The Cryptoz NFT Universe determined by you, the actor inside the system.

The Rules of the Universe are embedded in the Binance Smart Chain contract , this is the history in it’s complete detail, accurate and immutable. The contract rules cannot be changed or updated. Only now can we gain a lens to observe the current state but never the future state of the Cryptoz Universe. What fun would that be… if we all knew the fate of the Universe?

So let’s go over what we know right now — April 5, 2021. All numbers started at zero.

Rarity Distribution of NFTs:

Known Issues. What we know now

It is very important for us to outline the known functions and anomalies in the Universe. The information below is transparently available from both the contract source code and the dApp source code, so there are no secrets or rugs being pulled now or in the future :)

These are just circumstantial conditions of human error. Keep in mind, contract flaws can NEVER be fixed ( remember the arrow of time ? ).

The Smart contract is not upgradable and has no pause or off switch. Flaws we have discovered to date (and any that are discovered in the future) will continue to shape the Universe and we will always be transparent with our players about these anomalies. The Rules of the Universe apply to all participants equally.

Anomalies and/or functions in the BSC Cryptoz Cards Smart Contract:

Mint for Free, prevents minting last edition

Anomalies and/or functions in the dApp web/mobile client:

Marching on..

As we discover more information and exciting milestones we will continue to share through Twitter, Medium Blog posts and Telegram.

The Cryptoz NFT Universe is yours.

Make it what you want it to be.

It is a dynamic economic simulation with unlimited outcomes. Don’t assume there is a finite version, every day people are influencing the direction

What part will you play in the expanding Cryptoz Universe ?

Until next time, have fun !

All data referenced above is available from the official BSC Cryptoz NFT Universe contracts:

Cryptoz Cards BEP-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Smart Contract
CryptoZ eXPerience BEP-20 fungible Token Smart Contract