Free The Zoombies NFT Data !

The Zoombies NFTs could be the most data rich NFT collection out there !

This ain’t your copycat 10,000 NFT Collection :)

Zoombies project value is in the community NFT ownership and its depth of information. This unfortunately is not clearly exposed today.

We are changing that!

SubGraph — Moonriver ZOOM ERC20 tokens mint and burns

This new SubGraph will expose the history of time and events in the Zoombies World in a meaningful way. We are excited to present these proposed insights and the new ways this will help owners make future decisions.

Zoombies SubGraph data proposals

ZOOM token inflation tracker

ZOOM token inflation/deflation tracker

Zoombies NFT Scarcity Rating

Zoombie NFT Scarcity Rating Index

Zoombies NFT Catalog

  • Has a particular NFT ever been minted ?
  • What NFTs am I missing in set ?
  • Are there types and NFTs that have been burned forever ?
Live State of the Zoombie Types compared with your collection

Zoombies Live Dashboard

Last 24 hours World stats



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Cardinal Entertainment Inc.

Cardinal Entertainment Inc.


Cryptoz minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Moonriver, Moonbeam